About amBook

amBook is an award-winning INTERACTIVE BOOK for Primary & Secondary school students who HATE SCIENCE and promises to change the way they view the subject.

amBook is where Science BECOMES RELEVANT to the teenager!

It elegantly integrates text, videos, animations and simulations on the same page, providing a highly engaging learning experience for the user.

It is also designed on an inquiry-based pedagogical framework that brings together some of the most influential ideas in learning psychology and instructional design, providing a learning experience that is unparalleled to any other instructional resources currently available.

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Review by Dr. Rodger Bybee

Dr. Rodger Bybee
Internationally renowned science education expert, Chair of PISA 2006 Science Expert Committee

“amBook by Amdon has provided an innovative, active media program that science teachers should embrace as a constructive response to a major challenge of contemporary science teaching. Go to a science chapter in the amBook and you will see an active media approach that leverages emerging communications and collaboration tools, provides learning experiences that transcend the classroom walls, and uses relevancy-based digital tools to drive learning.

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Review by Dr. Mark Salata

Dr. Mark Salata
CEO, Mining Gems (USA)

“amBook has leveraged the power of animations, simulations, games, and video in a unique way. Unlike other products that merely entertain, amBook uses these multimedia tools for engagement and learning based on current research about how students learn best. Their natural curiosity is harnessed to pull them in and they explore content that keeps their interest while satisfying their need to learn more. Central to amBook is high quality content, but more importantly the pedagogical framework is designed with what educational research tells us is best for learning.

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